Friday, October 12, 2012

Easy Bow Brooch

I usually make purses with a patterned fabric, but I found this really pretty purple tweed!  When I was done with the purse it was missing a little something.  So, I made this super cute felt bow brooch.  
They can be used on sweaters, cardigans, scarves, coats...anything!  Plus it's very easy! 
Scissors or Fiskars Rotary Blade
Safety Pin
Cut a strip of felt measuring 5" x 1 1/4" 
I used my Fiskars rotary blade and healing mat.  You can use scissors too!
Fold the fabric inwards to find the middle.  Add a strip of Fabri-Tac to the center.  
Fold the sides inwards.
Place another small drop of glue on the underside of the felt.
Pinch the middle and hold for about 30 seconds.
Take about 16" of twine and wrap around the bow's center.
Leave a small strip hanging in the back to tie off.
Double knot both ends and clip excess twine.
Push the safety pin through the underside twine.
Here it is the completed bow on my new Fall purse!
Find other purses similar to this one here at my Etsy store: Lace Anne Queen

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