Monday, October 8, 2012

Easy & Affordable Curtains

I've been wanting to finish off some of the windows in our home and I couldn't find curtains that I liked.  I found this great fabric at a local store on sale for $2.30 per yard!  I also found a curtain rod at Walmart for only $3!  I've never made curtains before, but I came up with this quick and very easy way to finish off a naked window.  

Coordinating Thread
Sewing Machine
Ironing Board
Curtain Rod
Command Hook 

Measure your window's height and length.  Mine was 38"x 38".  I added 3" to the vertical sides (1.5" for each side) and 8" to the horizontal sides (4" for the top and bottom).
So, my fabric measured 41"x 46" after I cut it.  When you cut your fabric add 3" to the width and 8" to the length

After your fabric's cut onto the sewing....
 Take one of the vertical ends of the fabric and fold in 3/4" 
 Press your 3/4" folded edge.
 Fold the 3/4" seam again, so you hide the unfinished edge.  Press the folded edge.
Now you have a nice clean folded edge.
 Secure the folded edge with pins in prep of sewing. 
 Get the fabric ready for sewing wrong side up, so you can see the edge you're sewing.
 I like to sew very close to the seam line, so the fabric doesn't fold over during time. 
 After you're done sewing both ends will have remnant string. 
Tie those into a double knot and clip off the extra string.  Trim any other excess strings as well. 
Now you have a nice clean folded edge!   Press again to seal your hard work. 

Repeat the process on the opposite side. 
Next fold the bottom edge up 2" and press.  Trim any excess strings.
Fold the edge over again like you did with the vertical sides to create a nice clean edge.  Press again. 
Pin down the folded edge in prep for sewing. 

 Sew the folded edge close to the seam line as pictured.   Knot off the hanging threads and clip excess. 
Now you have finished sides and base.  Repeat the same process on the top as you did the base. 

Now that your curtains are complete you can work on the tie.
Cut a piece of fabric measuring 27" long 1.5" wide
 Press all 4 sides 1/4" inward.
 Fold the strap in half and press.
Sew the strap close to the seams.
Now you're all done with sewing!
Put a small command hook on the inside of the window frame.  Tie the curtain & pull to the side.  Secure the swept curtain with the tie & wrap around the command hook.  
VOILA!  Handmade curtains!

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